Meet emissions goals and control operating costs with renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures that meet demanding safety requirements.

Unități de Învățământ

Uncover new sources of capital to incorporate renewable energy into new facilities. Use energy savings to improve older dormitories and facilities and provide more services to students.


Deliver quality to customers and value to shareholders by improving profitability and sustainability through demand-side and supply-side energy solutions.

Administrație Centrală

Meet federal regulations and mandates with budget-neutral energy infrastructure upgrades that produce cost savings and improve energy security.

Unități de Sănătate

Reduce energy costs by an average of 30% annually without affecting energy supply to critical hospital systems, freeing up money for other facility upgrades, new equipment or additional staff.


Renew schools with new, energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy projects that fund themselves in cost savings and open up additional funding for other educational programs.

Producție și Industrie

Tap our energy management expertise to address productivity, process and process-related systems, and comprehensive carbon management for mandated greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting.

Clădiri de Locuințe

Reduce utility costs at housing developments with a performance based approach built on upgraded equipment and systems, improved energy management and resident energy use education.

Administrație Locală

Meet and exceed local energy efficiency requirements, fund energy retrofits without using taxpayer money and develop community renewable energy projects that benefit constituents and local businesses.