Euro Green Energy provides campus sustainability solutions with extensive experience in energy monitoring, carbon reporting and compliance and renewable energy system development at public and private colleges and universities. From a deep energy retrofit in a single building to on-site solar power generation systems, Euro Green Energy offers the expertise, innovative engineering and financial solutions that colleges and universities need to develop and implement campus sustainability plans.

Energy Monitoring

Euro Green Energy provides a full suite of energy monitoring and capital planning software solutions backed by analysis from our in-house team of engineers. Colleges and universities can use the full suite for end-to-end energy auditing, benchmarking and reporting, or mix and match the modules to meet specific needs.

Retehnologizări Energetice Profunde

Campus sustainability is enhanced with deep energy retrofits that reduce energy consumption by 30% or more. Euro Green Energy has deep experience retrofitting windows, energy management systems, electrical systems, water systems, pools and science labs, with equal commitments to energy conservation, functionality and the comfort of occupants.

Renewable Energy Systems

Euro Green Energy has engineered and installed solar power systems in a variety of locations, including innovative brownfield, rooftop and carport canopy systems. Campuses provide numerous opportunities for large-scale solar solutions that may reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions.

Campus Outreach

A significant part of campus sustainability is community involvement, including faculty and students. Euro Green Energy can partner with school administration to develop comprehensive outreach programs, including in-person education, online tools and on-site kiosks, that encourage the community to moderate energy use.

Project Financing

Through an energy savings performance contract (ESPC), colleges and universities may be able to embark on campus sustainability projects with no up-front capital expenditures. Through a power purchase agreement (PPA), campuses can lock in energy supply rates for fixed periods of time, delivering savings that offset the cost of new equipment or retrofits.

Euro Green Energy provides complete campus sustainability solutions that are customized to each campus. As a fully independent renewable energy company, Euro Green Energy gives its campus sustainability clients the freedom to choose equipment that best meets their needs and budget. From a single building to an entire campus, Euro Green Energy delivers measurable results through innovative solutions that will provide benefits for decades to come.


Arizona State University

Extensive solar power development has cut electricty consumption by 98.5 gigawatt hours annualy and natural gas by 1.4 million therms.

Kenyon College

The Euro Green Energy-built KEY system includes desktop and mobile apps that involve every member of the community in energy conservation.

Community College of RI

ESPC funding allowed CCRI to complete significant energy-efficiency upgrades across 1.1 million square feet of campus without up-front expenses.


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Climate Neutrality: A Comprehensive Approach to Carbon Emissions Reduction

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