Commercial energy use in the United States encompasses nearly 5 million buildings. Together, they pay a combined total of nearly $107.9 billion dollars annually in energy costs and create 17% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). With these facts in mind, business energy management should not be addressed solely as a cost issue or an environmental issue; profitable energy management is executed with the understanding that these two issues are inherently connected.

Euro Green Energy connects the concepts of energy cost management and sustainability for facility managers, their customers and shareholders. We help companies increase profitability through both supply-side and demand-sidecommercial energy solutions that augment Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and goals, generating positive public perceptions as well as energy savings.


Retail companies can reinvest the savings from energia regenerabilă projects in core business activities, such as marketing, merchandising or product development. This ultimately increases both the top and bottom lines of the financial statement and creates a positive impression of the business in the minds of customers.

Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Trusts can create a new source of revenue and increase funds from operations. Shared savings contracts may enable building owners to implement the latest control or air-handling technologies. This improves tenant comfort and productivity, thus increasing the market value of owned properties.

Euro Green Energy can help customers achieve the following key goals, with flexible service delivery that allows varying levels of ownership of commercial energy projects.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase occupancy and/or marketability
  • Take advantage of opportunities created by deregulation
  • Improve knowledge and control of utility consumption
  • Improve financial performance and return on investment
  • Reduce energy-related risks
  • Replace aging energy assets at no additional cost
  • Reduce responsibility for energy facility operation and maintenance


California Dairies

Expertise from Euro Green Energy allowed two sites to shed 3.3 mW of load during peak periods and save $158,000 annually through a demand response program.

City Centre

Euro Green Energy  now owns and operates this central chilled water plant, which serves five properties in downtown Las Vegas.


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