Track the health of your community with an integrated network of smart city systems. Community departments depend on systems to operate; a smart city connects these systems, and allow data sharing from all network devices.

Smart city technologies include smart water metering, smart parking, environmental monitoring, ITS networking, Pedestrian/car/bike counting, EV charger connectivity, LED lighting and building and lighting controls.

Euro Green Energy can help your community implement smart city infrastructure one step at a time. It starts with smart controls. You can use street light controls as an on ramp to other smart city applications. For additional savings, monitor and control street lights and meter energy use with a wireless network control system. Euro Green Energy can help you choose a system capable of providing your community with a solution that meets your bandwidth requirements and makes economic sense. Add additional smart city applications to the same network to reduce costs, improve public services, or enhance public safety.


Euro Green Energy Helps Lead New Streetlights for Chicago Smart Lighting Project

New Streetlights Headed to The South and West Sides as City Selects Vendor for Chicago Smart Lighting Project