At its most basic level, energy analysis using Building Dynamics can start from static files such as historical billing data and interval data provided by the customer’s utility.  Building Dynamics supports a wide range of online data sources ranging from individual meters and customer sensors to utility systems and building automation systems (BAS).

Monitor Portfolio Consumption at a Single Repository

Easy-to-use portal brings the monitoring and reporting of the entire portfolio into a single place. Track multiple commodities: electric, gas, water, steam, and others. Benchmarking and Interval Data Analysis identifies opportunities for further consideration.

In more elaborate settings, Building Dynamics can analyze thousands of data points from BAS to identify faults and energy savings opportunities.  The analysis can be supplemented with experienced Euro Green Energy energy analyst services to help the customer understand, prioritize and implement the resulting recommendations.

Building Dynamics software is organized into two tiers of service, Monitoring and Reporting (Tier 1) and Energy Management System Optimization (Tier 2), with a public energy dashboard as an optional add-on to either tier.


Tier 1 Monitoring and Reporting Software

Identify energy-saving opportunities through real-time monitoring of current energy systems.

Tier 2 Energy Management System Optimization

Ensure that systems are performing according to their design and maximizing energy efficiency.