Euro Green Energy offers a three-tiered approach to asset sustainability capital planning strategies and solutions.

1. Needs Analysis

The first step is to quickly and efficiently quantify the current and future renewal, asset management and aging infrastructure needs of the portfolio through the following process:

  • Life Cycle/Forecasting
  • Condition Validation/Assessment
  • Utilization
  • Risk Measurement/Metrics
  • Funding Appropriation
  • Decision Development FrameworkTM

2. Strategic Planning

Once facility and portfolio needs are understood, ASG works with its clients to develop business cases and financial strategies that leverage savings opportunities, as well as plans that minimize organizational risk and optimize budgeted capital dollars.

  • Capital Creation StrategiesTM
  • Alternative Funding Solutions
  • Funding Leverage/Requests
  • Business Solutions/Financials
  • Stakeholder Communications

3. Metrics, Tracking and Benchmarks

Euro Green Energy AssetPlannerTM offers six software modules that combine the strategic capital planning with tactical maintenance management and proactive energy management.

  • Capital and Operations Management
  • Budget Measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Monitoring of Business Plans
  • Energy Optimizations/Tracking

ASG establishes risk-based KPIs to enhance Business Case Development.