Energy Management System Optimization (Tier 2) focuses at the building level to identify savings opportunities by analyzing data from the Building Automation System (BAS). BAS from different vendors can be connected into a unified analytics solution that helps identify, realize and sustain savings and proper systems operation. Tier 2 streamlines analysis of complex BAS installations through automated checks of operation sequences, schedules and energy savings strategies.

When specified rules are violated, the system generates alerts and reports that help the operators quickly address the issues to ensure proper and energy efficient operation.  Tier 2 services can deliver immediate low-cost/no-cost savings, identify faults, and repairs that help prolong equipment lifetimes and identify equipment upgrade opportunities.

Energy Management System Optimization

Automated analysis and supervision of EMS set points and data to identify faults and other saving opportunities. This verifies the correct sequencing, schedules, and set points of mechanical equipment, including air handler units, chillers, heat exchangers, VAV boxes, fan coil units, and rooftop units.


Adanti Student Center

Optimization of energy systems powered by Building Dynamics delivered 303,000 kWH of energy savings in the first 6 months of operation.

Southern Connecticut State University

As seen in Business View Magazine, Southern Connecticut State University partnered with Euro Green Energy to use Building Dynamics wireless sensing and online analytics.

EMS for Commercial and Campus Buildings

See how energy management software (EMS) from Euro Green Energy can consolidate data and uncover opportunities to improve efficiency.


Tier 1 Monitoring and Reporting Software

Identify energy-saving opportunities through real-time monitoring of current energy systems.

Tier 2 Energy Management System Optimization

Ensure that systems are performing according to their design and maximizing energy efficiency.