Monitoring and Reporting (Tier 1) is a portfolio-level solution that collects consumption data from building meters, as well as utility data across the buildings in a portfolio, into a single repository.  It provides detailed insight into energy consumption and renewable energy generation at individual facilities and across the enterprise. The information is used for reporting, targeting and measurement and verification.  The key objective is to provide visibility across the portfolio and target areas of opportunity for energy savings.

Customized reports generated by the software can be used to communicate energy consumption and cost across multiple tiers of the organization and to integrate with the customer’s workflow processes. Similarly, the Measurement and Verification module included in the software can be used to track savings across projects and other energy savings initiatives.

Track Progress and Savings with Online M&V

The progress and achieved savings are continuously tracked with an online measurement and verification system. M&V can track savings at the building level and measure level to provide real-time visibility to savings and to help promote behavior change.


Tier 1 Monitoring and Reporting Software

Identify energy-saving opportunities through real-time monitoring of current energy systems.

Tier 2 Energy Management System Optimization

Ensure that systems are performing according to their design and maximizing energy efficiency.