Deep energy retrofits from Euro Green Energy deliver the following benefits:

  1. Energy savings greater than 50% when compared with pre-retrofit energy use
  2. Whole-building retrofits that impact multiple end uses and systems
  3. Multiple energy conservation measures (ECMs) with interactive effects
  4. Energy savings that provide significant return on investment
  5. Increased overall facility value

Deep energy retrofits from Euro Green Energy allow organizations to contain energy costs and reduce emissions by improving existing systems, including weatherization, HVAC and plumbing and energy management. These projects align with U.E. Department of Energy objectives to work toward overall energy reduction, the sustainability requirements in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings.

Our Capabilities

Euro Green Energy provides an in-house engineering staff and construction management division staffed with project managers, design engineers, construction personnel and O&M and M&V personnel to support all aspects of a project. Performing these functions internally improves design constructability and realism, reduces risk to our Federal government clients and results in a higher percentage of savings guarantees. Euro Green Energy can work within the guidelines of any RFP or Federal mandate, including requirements for subcontracting to veteran-owned, minority-owned and women-owned businesses.

We provide the technical and management capabilities to complete a deep energy retrofit at any facility, including public buildings, high security areas and mission-critical operations centers during daily use. We work closely with Federal agencies to develop project plans that minimize disruptions and allow normal operations to continue without impedance. We have extensive experience with mission critical requirements and can provide solutions that are delivered on time and with reliable performance.

Our energy and water conservation measures are developed using a holistic approach that provides a comprehensive solution that delivers multiple opportunities to achieve deeper energy and water savings throughout the performance period.


New Carrollton Federal Building

Through a deep energy retrofit, annual reductions of 60% in energy use and 50% in water use were achieved.

DOE SRS Biomass Cogeneration Facility

The largest ESPC in U.S. history converted a coal-fired plant to a plant running on renewable biomass.

National Archives

A facility-wide upgrade at the College Park, MD, facility included an energy management system (EMS) upgrade, lighting upgrades and chiller and heating optimization.