Managing and treating water can pose complex challenges.

Euro Green Energy works with our customers to manage water resources, and to conserve and utilize water most efficiently.  Euro Green Energy develops effective solutions and provides innovative ways to help reduce water use.  Water savings measures are regularly incorporated in energy savings performance contract (ESPC) projects.

Euro Green Energy also provides comprehensive wastewater treatment services to assure clean, safe water and effective wastewater management.  Our experts design and build wastewater treatment facilities and systems that allow water to be safely re-used.  In addition, we develop solutions that convert waste-to-energy (WTE) or create biogas that can be utilized for facility operations.

We have designed solutions to preserve and protect groundwater, provide for flood control, and manage storm drainage.

Assisting customers to effectively utilize their water resources, we not only implement systems for water reuse and desalination, but we also employ renewable energy resources and harness valuable resources.


City of Miami Beach

Water use was reduced through high-efficiency toilets, sinks, shower heads, ice machines and laundry facilities.

Philadelphia Water Department

An on-site biogas system fueled by wastewater treatment improved efficiency and provides 5.8 MW of power for sewage treatment operations.

Canada Games Aquatic Centre

This enclosed, Olympic-size pool facility saw operational savings of more than $25,000 annually from a new combined heat and power cogeneration system.


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