Monetizing energy assets is an effective way to offset annual utility and infrastructure expenses or develop new sources of revenue for government and industrial enterprises. New approaches to energy asset management can eliminate the risks and costs associated with non-core energy infrastructure, while new fuel technologies including biomass and landfill gas provide new ways of monetizing waste.

Operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses can vary greatly from one energy solution to another. While a solar array or geothermal system may need very little ongoing maintenance, wind turbines and landfill-gas-to-energysystems require skilled technicians to keep them operating efficiently. Simply finding the right personnel to operate and maintain advanced energy systems can be a challenge, as technologies are changing rapidly.

Euro Green Energy  can provide complete O&M solutions or integrated solutions with training for existing staff. As an independent company with no products to sell, our customers can choose best-in-class energy equipment solutions and gain control over the costs to operate and maintain them.

Hidden Sources of Energy Assets
Advances in technology are turning traditional sources of waste into valuable energy-producing commodities. Harnessing the potential of these new fuels can provide new sources of revenue for traditional energy suppliers as well as municipal and industrial enterprises outside of the energy services industry.

          Municipalities: Real estate and geographical assets can be harnessed to provide solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

         Industrial: Biomass technologies convert manufacturing waste from lumber and paper production, as well as forest management, into a valuable source of fuel. Landfills are a ready source of methane gas that has a variety of energy applications.

         Power Facilities: Cogeneration turns thermal energy from power generation into a needed supply of heat, hot water and steam. Capacity increases generate excess power that can be sold back into the grid to offset energy purchases or develop a stream of revenue.

Euro Green Energy  provides full energy asset management services that let our customers find cost savings and new sources of capital for infrastructure improvements and facility developments.



While under Euro Green Energy ownership, Boeing’s central plant was converted from outdated, gas-fired equipment to fully modern, efficient electric systems.