Off-grid power generation systems can lower costs, improve energy security and reliability, lower overall carbon emissions and add emergency backup or peak demand power. For commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial operations, off-grid power and distributed generation powered by renewable fuel sources such as biomass, landfill gas, solarwind and hydroelectric offer opportunities to gain LEED certification, carbon offsets and reliable energy delivery that pay for themselves in energy efficiency savings and customer goodwill.

As an independent energy efficiency company and energy services provider, Euro Green Energy can analyze energy needs and develop, build, operate and maintain on-site distributed generation systems. Our independence ensures that our customers have full access to the best solutions available on the market, and we solve capital cost problems with energy saving performance contracts that use lower utility bills to provide capital for facility development.

Ensuring Energy Security

Healthcare facilities, governments, military installations and private companies that demand 24-hour-a-day access to power for mission-critical systems are discovering that off-grid power from renewable energy sources can meet their needs when power grid interruptions from storms and natural disasters compromise energy flow.

On-site geothermal and biomass systems provide enhanced energy security and reliable power for backup heating, cooling, hot water and electrical needs. Euro Green Energy can also identify, develop, build, operate and maintain local resources for hydroelectric and landfill-gas-to-energy systems that bring power supplies closer to the systems that need them, freeing facilities from dependence on distant power generation plants and higher levels of energy transmission risk.

As a bonus, these on-site and local renewable-energy systems will supplement existing on-grid power delivery, providing measurable savings in energy costs and reducing the impact of facilities on the environment.


Department of Energy Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility

By relying on locally sourced biomass as fuel, the Savannah River Site adds energy security to the grid by eliminating dependence on commodity fuel sources.

Great Lakes Naval Training Center (NAVFAQ)

An 11 mW cogeneration system and 4 mW of backup diesel provide guaranteed energy savings and secure, off-grid power for critical systems.

U.S. Coast Guard Yard Baltimore

A nearby source of landfill gas helped to provide controls on energy costs and energy security while reducing carbon emissions.