Figuring out how to operate and maintain renewable energy systems poses a challenge for commercial, industrial and municipal organizations constrained by budgets that offer no room for additional staff. Energy efficiency contracting services from Euro Green Energy energy services specialists free businesses and municipalities from the ongoing expense of renewable energy systems while allowing them to reap the benefits of lower energy costs.

Operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses can vary greatly from one energy solution to another. While a solar array or geothermal system may need very little ongoing maintenance, wind turbines and landfill-gas-to-energysystems require skilled technicians to keep them operating efficiently. Simply finding the right personnel to operate and maintain advanced energy systems can be a challenge, as technologies are changing rapidly.

Euro Green Energy  can provide complete O&M solutions or integrated solutions with training for existing staff. As an independent company with no products to sell, our customers can choose best-in-class energy equipment solutions and gain control over the costs to operate and maintain them.


Euro Green Energy is a fully independent energy services company (ESCO). This provides measurable savings and advantages to government and business clients at every stage of their energy efficiency projects.

  • Design: Drawing only from best-in-class energy infrastructure components without supplier bias, we can tailor a solution to maximize efficiency or to manage development costs.
  • Build: We can partner with local contractors to complete a project or recruit internationally renowned experts to oversee construction, retrofitting or installation.
  • Own: Take control of the new facility or let Euro Green Energy run it and manage energy delivery.
  • Operate and Maintain: We can train existing staff to run on-site systems, take on all O&M responsibilities or recruit new personnel to operate and maintain energy infrastructure.

Other companies may push certain solutions, limit contractor choices or require long-term contracts. At Euro Green Energy, our independence provides complete freedom of choice and measurable cost benefits for any energy project.


DOE Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility

Euro Green Energy manages all aspects of operations at the biomass facility, including the sourcing of biomass material to fuel the plant.

Logan Airport

Custom mounts designed by Euro Green Energy allowed solar panels to be installed that met safety requirements.

Elmendorf Air Force Base

Connecting a local supply of natural gas to a new central plant saved more than 1 million MMBtu annually.


Operations and Maintenance

Euro Green Energy offers a full range of operations and maintenance services, including plant operations, plant maintenance, commissioning and retro-commissioning, as well as maintenance for solar power systems.

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