Energy cost management aims to better control the price of wholesale commodities, such as electricity, natural gas or liquid fuels, which usually represent the largest component of an organization’s energy expenditures. Euro Green Energy helps its customers understand and quantify the risks presented by the deregulated energy commodity marketplace and develop a strategy to mitigate those risks while meeting budget objectives.

Energy Price Risk Mitigation

Euro Green Energy energy specialists apply a best practice physical and financial price hedging approach that integrates fixed-price, basis and swing exposure mitigation. This can include an optimized power purchase agreement (PPA) with utility companies in deregulated markets to ensure price stability and to mitigate price risk.

Rate Analysis and Negotiation

Regardless of regulatory status, we help customers to maximize value now and gain additional benefits as markets continue to evolve. Drawing from our expertise in tariffs, rate structures and energy systems, Euro Green Energy can reduce the cost of energy services by identifying more beneficial rates and negotiating advantageous tariff arrangements.

Euro Green Energy Energy Cost Management contracts are designed around each customer’s specific unique needs, and reflect the services that match those needs, including the following:

  • Strategy development
  • Risk aggregation and measurement
  • Wholesale market analysis
  • Ongoing position reporting
  • Cross commodity expertise
  • Renewable energy options
  • Energy data analysis and invoice management options


Red Robin

Euro Green Energy energy purchasing strategy, employed across 464 restaurant locations, has helped to provide as much budget certainty as possible for electric and natural gas supplies

Chicago Transit Authority

Through energy procurement and supply management services, Euro Green Energy generated $19 million in savings, including $10 million in annual savings from an electric supply contract.

RMH Franchise

Euro Green Energy developed a program to work directly with franchisees to establish electricity and natural gas supplies. This contributed to a $1.2 million annual savings in energy procurement costs.