Euro Green Energy designs, builds and finances geothermal energy systems for campus facilities or single buildings in commercial, government, educational, healthcare and multi-residential environments.

As a full service energy provider, we optimize a building’s overall performance and manage costs by analyzing current energy use, then custom engineering a geothermal energy system that can provide up to 100% of needed heating, cooling and hot water.

“As our energy partner, Euro Green Energy has demonstrated innovative and creative solutions that help the school in our locality to operate ecologically, with maintenance costs reduced to less than 60% from the old system”

–Mayor of Tormac, Timiș County

Euro Green Energy develops geothermal systems for property developers, architects, property owners, mechanical engineers and industrial/commercial business developers that offer cost effective solutions that integrate fully into all types of buildings. Through different types of contracts such as design/build, power purchase agreements or energy savings performance contracts, we offer simple financing solutions that can help institutional facility managers meet sustainability mandates within existing budgets, or allow condominium developers and corporations to upgrade new or existing properties with minimal up-front costs. We also offer attractive pricing for owner/operators who want to purchase geothermal systems.

A Geothermal System from Euro Green Energy delivers these advantages:

  • Savings of 40% to 75% compared with conventional HVAC operating costs
  • Reliable and cost-effective energy that is environmentally friendly and independent from the power grid
  • Reduced risk of fuel price volatility
  • Additional architectural space within a building plan
  • Flexible funding options from design and build to budget-neutral ESPCs
  • Access to federal and local incentives tied to energy savings
  • Experienced assistance with ENERGY STAR® and LEED® applications


NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Geothermal heat pumps at the Visitor’s Center and Launch Range helped reduce HVAC maintenance costs by moving systems underground and away from corrosive seaside air.

Roxbury Community College

Euro Green Energy installed 115 geothermic wells and a 400-ton capacity heat pump system as part of a renewable energy overhaul that delivers $868,000 in annual energy savings

Frontenac Community Mental Health Services

Built to be sustainable with geothermal heating and solar power, this new housing development uses 60% less energy than comparable buildings.


Geothermal Project Sheet

Find out how geothermal systems help to control the costs of heating and cooling and learn about the solutions offered by Euro Green Energy.