Euro Green Energy is a leading independent provider of solar energy and solar thermal solutions, with deep experience in developing and maintaining solar energy projects for public  and governments as well as private enterprise. Euro Green Energy has , installed solar energy systems across Bayern region Germany ,both ground and roof solar energy systems.

Community Solar

Community or shared solar, is a solar farm that provides electricity and renewable energy benefits to multiple end-users.

Remote and Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Bring power where it’s needed without the added expense of tying into the grid. Applications in agriculture, highways, telecommunications and rural areas.

Roof Mount Solar Power Systems

With innovative ballasting systems designed by Euro Green Energy, roof-mount solar power systems can be installed in a wide range of buildings.

Solar Canopies

Parking lots can provide ample space for power generation with solar canopy systems from Euro Green Energy that preserve existing parking spaces.

Solar Farms

Euro Green Energy is a recognized leader in solar farm development. Our engineers have developed proprietary ballast systems that allow brownfield solar farm development in areas where soil cannot be disturbed.

Solar Thermal

Supplement existing HVAC systems with roof mount solar thermal or improve efficiency with passive solar heat designs that capture solar radiation.


Euro Green Energy Solar Power Service Sheet

Learn about Euro Green Energy  capabilities in solar farms, off-grid solar, solar thermal and community solar, as well as financial options available to fund solar power development.