Euro Green Energy is a North American leader in the siting, engineering, construction and operation of landfill solar farms. These projects turn uninhabitable landfill in municipal and commercial settings into a source of renewable solar energy. Through these projects, our clients can mitigate the environmental impact of landfills, improve compliance and control energy costs.


Euro Green Energy has developed solutions that make solar farms viable on any type of land, including capped landfills.  

Open Land Solar Farms

These systems can be installed on any open land using piles driven into the ground to hold the solar panel mounts.


  • Lowest cost system design
  • Efficient and rapid installation
  • High visibility for marketing sustainability benefits 

Brownfields and Landfill Solar Farms

For brownfield and landfill sites, or any application where soil disturbance is unwanted, these systems float above the ground on ballast blocks.


  • Proven and only solution for solar farms on brownfield or landfills
  • Creates value from otherwise unusable land
  • Encouraged by EPA

Why choose Euro Green Energy?

Our solar PV team has an advanced understanding of regulations and is involved with ongoing rulemaking at the local, utility, state and federal levels. We have acted on behalf of our customers to secure all permits and incentives to keep projects on schedule and at the agreed upon price. Our engineers and construction teams have designed and/or built more than 50 megawatts of solar PV projects.

Euro Green Energy has the in-house technology, staff, and systems to continuously monitor solar PV operations, report alarms and problems, and dispatch maintenance staff using our work order management system. We also test and re-commission each site once a year. This O&M experience provides feedback to our design engineers, creating a virtuous cycle for continuous design improvements.

Euro Green Energy offers a full spectrum of services from system conceptualization to support once the system is complete. We can develop, engineer, build, own, operate, finance and maintain (with in-house or outside staff), providing a complete solution. We can operate and maintain any existing solar power system or provide financing through a Solar PPA or ESPC for new construction.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Five community solar farms contributed to renewable energy savings and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

City of Lowell

With 1.8 megawatts of generating power installed on and near schools, Lowell replaced 25% of its electricity consumption with solar generation.

Hill Air Force Base

Euro Green Energy developed a 210 kW ground-mounted solar energy system alongside a solar thermal heat recovery system.


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